In July 2019, international law firm, Allens, via its office in Hanoi offered to provide HopeBox pro-bono support in its establishment as a social enterprise. Over the past five months, the incredible team from Allens has assisted us throughout the process of applying for our Social Enterprise License issued by the Government of Vietnam. In addition to their legal support, they have offered to assist us with our applications for sponsorship and support from organisations such as Australian Volunteers International. Without our Social Enterprise status, opportunities to pursue this kind of support would not be possible.


Under the leadership of Allens’ partner Melissa Keane, her team prepared all the application documents as well as provided in-depth insights into the laws governing social enterprises and how they will apply to HopeBox in practice. We are unbelievably grateful for this partnership that has helped HopeBox obtain its Social Enterprise License. This is not just a formality allowing us to work towards a sustainable future, it is also a great recognition from the Government of Vietnam of the work we do and that the issue of domestic violence very much exists in our community.


We thank Allens for their strong support and professionalism and we look forward to continuing to grow our partnership in the future.


Allens is an international commercial law firm in the Asia-Pacific region. Its alumni include a former Australian Prime Minister, High & Supreme Court justices, a former President of the World Bank, and ASX/200 C-suite executives.