The Australia Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue (AVYLD) is an independent non-profit initiative that was established to nurture relationships, promote engagement and incubate collaboration between Australian and Vietnamese young leaders from a broad spectrum of society. Through people to people links, AVYLD believes the bilateral relationship between Australia and Vietnam can be strengthened to contribute to the development of each respective nation.

In 2017, Huong was selected to be one of the delegates for AVYLD in Sydney. She was asked to submit a business solution that would address an issue in Vietnam and benefit the local community. Little did Huong know that from the assignment she submitted, HopeBox would grow.

With support from AVYLD founders and alumni, HopeBox was further developed and without the recent fundraising from AVYLD, there would be no HopeBox Cafe.


“AVYLD created a sense of belonging for me. I have never been in a community that is as proactive and supportive as the AVYLD family.” 

– Huong Dang


2017 Delegate of AVYLD