Continue the story of change

Back to School to become a part of HopeBox

Back to School (BTS), or Đi Học in the Vietnamese language, is a community initiative founded in 2013 by a group of development workers. The goal of our initiative was to facilitate access to education and personal development opportunities for Vietnamese children who were survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) or hail from very low-income backgrounds.

Since 2013, BTS has provided:


  1. Tuition and meals at public schools;
  2. School-run or private tutoring
  3. Life skills classes to restore and develop attachments between GBV-affected children and their mothers and to promote social integration for these children.

100% of our funds were donated using crowd-funding and spent on children and their mothers.


As of August 2019, BTS has provided school tuition fees and psychosocial recovery activities for several children and two mothers who experienced family violence and sexual abuse.


BTS also piloted a community project to provide lunches and basic amenities for 20 Hmong children in a village kindergarten in the Ha Giang province.


With their continued education access, some of the children are about to complete high school education and considering tertiary education as their next steps. The journey to college is not only a dream for them and their family, but it is a valuable ticket to a brighter future and new possibilities for them. Education can help raise them out of poverty and end cycle of domestic violence.


Thus, BTS founding members have decided that we have to grow alongside the children and their dreams. We want to continue their stories of change and aspirations, with a vision that these children one day will be the next generation to lead changes in their communities. And to go far, we need to go together.


Starting from September 2019, BTS will become a part of HopeBox, a social enterprise that fosters economic empowerment and builds entrepreneurship skills for women and youths of GBV backgrounds. Apart from our continued long-term education and personalised psychosocial recovery supports, we will expand and link up youths who experienced GBV with vocational training and university education opportunities.


We invite you to join us in co-writing these stories of change with our children.