The HopeBox Study Tour is a two-week to six-week tour designed to provide students, solo travellers and corporate groups, hands-on experience into conducting business in Vietnam whilst providing a valuable opportunity to donate expertise to improve the HopeBox social enterprise model. The two-week to six-week exchange will cover both the main hubs of Vietnam; Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City. Each tour will be individually tailored to the visiting group in order for them to get the most educational experience out of Vietnam whilst not neglecting the many attractions and remarkable food culture that Vietnam has to offer.

  • Engage in research and consulting to the many challenges that social enterprises face in Vietnam and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of women who are survivors of domestic violence
  • How to conduct themselves with South-East Asian diplomacy and business
  • Learn about specific cultural differences between visiting-country & Vietnam
  • The effects that the Vietnam War has had on local communities
  • The importance of understanding how to conduct business in Vietnam
  • The ability to develop professional links with Vietnamese businesses and expats
  • Strengthen potential collaborations for future business partnerships
  • Interact with local and international businesses in the community

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