Miss Nhi’s Story

March 6, 2021

With perseverance and passion for the beauty industry, Ms Nguyen Thi Kieu Mi, owner and operator of Miss Nhi owns three popular beauty shops in Tay Ho, Hanoi.

  1. How did you get started in the industry? 

I hold a Bachelors in Finance & Banking and initially started my career in that industry. My parents always wanted me to have a secure career but after some time, I realised my heart wasn’t it in. I decided to quit and I moved into sales for a jewellery store. I learned a lot of valuable skills there. Then I started my own business! My philosophy is ‘start small and do well from small things’. 


I started doing makeup in a small house I rented, trained other makeup artists and worked at fashion events. I realised there was a gap in the market for a great nail salon in Tay Ho and so that’s where I got the idea for Miss Nhi. Now, I’m the owner of three beauty shops on Tu Hoa and Xuan Dieu avenues, serving both Vietnamese and international customers. 


My parents were initially opposed to my decision because I was one of the first people (and women!) in Tay Ho to do so. Yet, I was adamant about doing it. As long as I like it! 


  1. What do you think makes your business stand out? 

When it comes to creating a brand, I think it’s important to transform my shops into a customer’s home. It is not only a place for beautifying the form but also for assisting customers in beautifying their souls to become a better version after leaving. All of my employees are conscious that they must provide the best to customers by caring and not discriminating. 


  1. What do you find may be difficult for women in this industry?/What difficulties have you gone through to develop into who you are today? 

I know the traditions of many countries as a result of my travels and I’m eager to share new experiences with Vietnamese people. I want to remind my fellow sisters that women have many options and choices, and that they should not restrict themselves. My advice is to pay attention, but the choice is yours. It is extremely difficult to succeed in business unless you are committed and have faith in yourself. 


I am proud of being a woman who is content with her career and freedom, even though I am unmarried. 


  1. Describe an average day at work for you? 

I’m always busy! I work long hours too. If there are a lot of customers, I’ll move between three shops and help out my team. I’m passionate about beauty products too and providing the very best for my clients so I do a lot of research about the products that we use. I also deal directly with clients for any issues they may have. Customer service is a huge part of why I believe I’ve been so successful. 


  1. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Women deserve to be recognized for all that they have accomplished in their lives. Every day, they are deserving of love and gifts. I admire all women, including my female staff, cleaners, and coworkers. I admire them for their great tolerance at work, even though it can often be exhausting. The women in my life are hard workers. 


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I wish that women everywhere be confident, love themselves, and be happy. I want young women on the career path to know that they should never give up on what they want to do, that they should always start small and do it well, and that success will come to them.

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