HopeBox Australia

About HopeBox 

HopeBox Social Company is a registered social enterprise in Vietnam. HopeBox Australia is an Australian Public Company based in the Australian Capital Territory. It is registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Its objectives are to: 

  • Advise on relief activities for women who have experienced physical, sexual and emotional domestic violence in rural Vietnam. 

  • Ensure that HopeBox Vietnam has enough resources to fulfil its mission through fundraising

  • Create sustainable and long-lasting change and empower women to break the stigma associated with domestic violence in Vietnam

  • Generate and provide local opportunities, encourage community involvement and promote collaborative relationships with global organisations in order to strengthen knowledge about, and break the cycle of domestic violence in Vietnam. 

  • Bring resources and skills to HopeBox Australia through their own network to further the mission of the HopeBox Vietnam

  • Approve and oversee long-term strategy, in partnership with HopeBox Vietnam




HopeBox Australia Directors 

HopeBox Australia is managed in Australia by a Board of Directors 


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